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Empower Students

Ensuring Affordability

Colleges face increasing scrutiny about costs and affordability, especially private institutions. Westmont seeks to make its distinctive education available to all students and families by growing scholarship endowments and raising funds for annual assistance through the Westmont Fund.

$22 Million

This year, Westmont committed $22 million to student scholarships and grants.


In 2014, students with demonstrated need received an average of $30,373 in assistance that included scholarships, grants and loans.


Nearly all (95 percent) of incoming first-year and transfer students received financial aid last year.


Augustinian Scholarships

Each year, 30 of our most qualified applicants will receive the new Augustinian Scholarship, thanks to an extraordinary gift from a generous donor. This award provides a total of $140,000 for four years of study with the Augustinian Honors Program.

Westmont seeks to educate a new generation of people like Augustine, capable of engaging every sphere of society with skill, savvy and competence while making a winsome defense for the love and hope they possess through Jesus Christ.

Your gift to Strength for Today helps Westmont educate a new generation of thoughtful Christians.

Support Future Students Through Endowed Scholarships

This year, more than 130 students received assistance from 125 endowed scholarships totaling $1.2 million. Strength for Today seeks to build scholarship endowments through planned gifts to provide a growing amount of financial aid to students who demonstrate need or meet criteria for specific scholarships.

Sophia Meulenberg ’15
Political Science

"Receiving the Monroe Scholarship seemed like a clear indication from God that I should go to Westmont. Four years later, I’m so glad I did. I wouldn’t trade my time at Westmont for anything."

  • Earned a full-tuition Monroe Scholarship for four years
  • Political science major; Faculty Scholarship Award recipient for the highest GPA (4.0) ; student leader in ministries/clubs; political science research assistant; Europe Semester
  • Future plans: Peace Corps, graduate school and a career with the U.S. State Department or as a political analyst

Gerald Karczewski ’18
Economics and Business Major

"My basketball and academic scholarships allow me to attend Westmont and play for the Warriors. I appreciate the strong relationships I’ve built with my teammates and other students and feel at home in the Westmont community."

  • Received the Chet Kammerer Men's Basketball Scholarship
  • Plans to major in economics and business; recruited athlete and point guard who played on the men’s basketball team that reached the 2015 national championship game
  • Future plans: Possibly play professional basketball in Europe and then start his own business in Santa Barbara

Angela Lowe ’16
Art Major

"I came to Westmont for an education grounded in Christianity to encourage me in my faith because the art world is such a secular place. I wanted to understand the connection between art and faith."

  • Received the Wes Nishimura Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Art major with a solo show on campus in the spring; president of the Asian Student Union and a leader in Intercultural Programs; semester abroad in Italy studying painting
  • Future plans: Get connected to the Santa Barbara art community, consider a career in illustration, and be open to the possibilities of a liberal arts education


Your gift to Strength for Today provides scholarships for bright and committed students

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Help Students Today with Westmont Fund Scholarships

Gifts to the Westmont Fund provide resources that benefit students, including scholarships. Last year, donors provided $1.9 million in financial assistance to hundreds of students, enabling them to receive our distinctive education that blends rigorous academics with deep love of God.

Andrea Larez ’17
Music Major

“Westmont would have been unattainable without my scholarship, and I’m thankful for the experience of true teamwork with caring faculty, staff and students. The Grotenhuis family has supported me financially and emotionally, attending my concerts, inviting me to family events and taking pride in my achievements.”

  • Venezuelan native who receives a Grotenhuis Diversity Scholarship
  • Music major and violinist studying classical music in Vienna during the 2015 fall semester
  • Future plans: Continue her artistic and professional formation as a classical musician, possibly in Vienna

Zachary Erwin ’15
Sociology Major

"At Westmont, I realized I wanted to devote my life to helping others, especially young people. I appreciate the many opportunities to get involved with ministry and grow and develop as a leader."

  • Received generous financial assistance, including scholarships, for four years
  • Sociology major who led Vespers his sophomore year, served as a resident assistant as a junior and worked with the Potter’s Clay core team as a senior
  • Future plans: Earn a Master of Social Work and become a marriage and family therapist.

TJ Hardeman ’18
Kinesiology Major

"Growing up, I participated in sports-based ministry trips and outreach programs in the summer. Sports offer a huge gateway to ministry. Through training, I can influence people’s lives."

  • Received both academic and athletic scholarships
  • Raised in the Philippines in a three-generation Westmont missionary family; kinesiology major recruited to play basketball
  • Future plans: Return to the Philippines and establish his own athletic training facility

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Join the Wallace Emerson Society and Build Westmont’s Future

Westmont’s first president developed the vision for academic rigor and Christ-centered education that still guides the college. Wallace Emerson devoted all his energy to this seminal idea and established Westmont’s mission. The Wallace Emerson Society advances this legacy by honoring friends who embrace it and give generously through a planned gift or provision in their will or estate plan. More than 750 members are helping Westmont build its endowment and its future.

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Confidence in Westmont

Duane ’63 and Pat Johnson
Wallace Emerson Society members

“People sacrificed to make Westmont happen. We appreciate the strong commitment to Christian education and the willingness to challenge people’s faith while helping them work through the issues so they come out stronger than ever. We believe in investing in Christian leadership. Our society is becoming increasingly secular, and we need to encourage young people to stay true to their Christian faith."

Jim and Marcia Fisher
Wallace Emerson Society members

“Sending all three kids to Westmont was the best decision we ever made. The influence professors had on our children will last a lifetime. We’ve seen how the Lord multiplies the remarkable educational disciplines that take place at Westmont. It’s a joy to support an organization seeking after the Lord, growing the Kingdom of God and multiplying his grace in the world.”

James ’63 and Ginny Van Lew ’63 Beck
Wallace Emerson Society members

“The need for liberal arts education is greater than ever. We think supporting Westmont is the best investment in the future and will benefit students, society and the church. The liberal arts taught us our way of thinking wasn’t the only way to think, and we’ve been grateful for that for more than 50 years.”

Campaign Momentum: Planned Giving

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Future Agreements that will fund Endowed Chairs, Scholarships and other College Priorities


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